Expert Immobilier

Valuation of your home or land

Naturally, you would like to know the value of your home, not only at the time of sale, but certainly also during the purchase of your dream home. In addition, you may have a dispute with the tax authorities related to the value of your home (wealth tax, etc.). Or perhaps there is a divorce or an inheritance needs to be settled where one or more real estate  properties are at stake.

In all these cases, a clear valuation of your real estate is necessary / mandatory, which goes much further than free estimates offered on various websites or (possibly paid) valuations from the local real estate agent. In the aforementioned cases, banks and notaries therefore require a valuation by an EXPERT IMMOBILIER.
tóco d'azur can help you with this, as an organization we are affiliated with the C.N.E. – Center Nationale de l'Expertise Immobilière. To meet this, the expert has a continuous training obligation (with exam) and must of course meet all other requirements as set for an Expert d'Evaluation Immobilier.
For the purchase/sale, a so-called Avis de Valeur, an abbreviated analysis of the property, will suffice, where a price range is normally given in the final report. In more formal matters (tax, divorce, inheritance, buyout from an SCI, etc.), a 'Valeur Venale' must be determined, a very precise valuation in an analysis that takes into account all aspects of the property (legal status, building regulations, easements, etc) and results in a lengthy report with one precise value.

Our expert is a professional, thoroughly trained and tested, and of course has all the necessary insurance as required by the French State when exercising this profession.
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